Zagreus Projekt functions as a gallery and gastronomic space. The chef, gallery owner and curator Ulrich Krauss organizes exhibitions in relation to food or gastronomic concepts.

In a cycle of two months, artists are invited to create an artistic concept for the space. From the time they enter to the time they leave, guests are an active part of the orchestration of the work of art, becoming actors as opposed to simple spectators. Artistic and culinary concepts complement and match each other to create a unity. In cooperation with the artist, different possibilities of preparation and presentation of food are developed.

Over the last few years, various artistic, but also social concepts have been explored and the crossover has allowed a playful range of possibilities to portray nourishment as a theme. From old recipes and traditional gastronomic procedures up to experimental food installations, the range of presentation of food varies, but the base always remains the quality of the products.