Works by Stephan Hüsch

28 / 09 / 17 bis 25 / 11 / 17

The sculptures of Stephan Hüsch catch the motion of flying fabric and transforms them into solid material.
This transformation of movement emerges through different layerings that create a 3 – dimensional presentation.
When the seemingly static and solid starts to move, when the towels in mid-air, impossible to
catch a hold of, starts to hover and bulge through a draft of air, and hereby the materiality of
the towels gains a spatial character, when it unfolds itself into curious figures before it would,
as one catches it, inanimately and flabby fall through our hands…

Stephan Hüsch’s sculptures capture these movements and translate them into different levels,
thus arriving at completely different patterns of movement. This translation of movement into
another form and materiality is done by way of levels, which are layered one after another, thus
catching distinct layers of movement.
The three-dimensional portrayal in time is being dissolved, analyzed, and disassembled. A new
lightness is being achieved by means of layering individual tiers, which is being negotiated by the
split of a fluidly soft movement and solid materiality.
For Zagreus Projekt, Stephan Hüsch has translated those fluid movements into a system of
serving platters. Those are being stacked on top of each other, one by one, and at the end of the
a three course meal, will draw the likeness of a sculpture. Individual platters are stocked with
Pintxos, Basque tapas, which are held together with skewers, thus joining different layers into fullflavored