Dream / Expectation / Surprise / Amusement

Arranged and curated by Claudius Pratsch

28 / 11 / 2015 until 30 / 01 / 2016

Barbara Siebeck, wife of the very well known food critic Wolfgang Siebeck, has assembled a special collection of Polaroids taken on many culinary trips, dining and home cooking experiments in the company of her husband. A part of these polaroids and collected texts were published in early 2015 by the Rombach Publishing House in a book called the “Die Siebeck-unterwegs mit ihm” (On the road with the Siebecks). We present a collection of these instant photographs in an exhibition conceptualised by Claudius Pratsch.

Siebeck Zagreus Koch Kunst Galerie

Menu Siebeck

Concassé of calamaretti, tomatoes and white beans

Verbena-steamed prawns, saffron sauce and potatoes purée à la Girardet


Roast duck, Caramel-vinegar sauce, parsnip, quince and apple purée

Mahlberber Schlosskuchen, walnut parfait.

Apéritif, wine accompany with matching wines, water, coffee