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Installation by Pierre Granoux
Plus works by Astrid Köppe and Aaron Rahe

29 / 09 / 18 until 25 / 11 / 18

zagreus galerie koch kunst catering

zagreus galerie koch kunst catering


The black bile

Lamb with red wine, molasses, sepia ink and horn of plenty,
Crèpinette with minced pork and marjoram,
Mussels with saffron vinaigrette,
Vegetarian: Beluga lentils with fried red cabbage


Roasted spelt soup with shallots and nutmeg,
Spelt milk with honey

Chicken breast and smoked chicken leg with thyme essence,
Fennel with licorice and galangal, white wine and coriander,
Dumplings with chestnuts and marjoram
Vegetarian: Fennel, Jerusalem artischocks, and la ratte potatoes with thyme essence,
dumplings with chestnuts and marjoram

Pears with honey and bärwurz, sweet fruits in white wine and caramelized almonds

zagreus galerie koch kunst catering

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