Zagreus Koch Kunst Galerie Berlin

비나이다 BI NA I DA peace-health-happiness

비나이다 BI NA I DA

Sketch with tape by Guisun Jang

20 / 02 / 16 until 02 / 04 / 16

Guisun Jang Zagreus Koch Kunst Galerie Berlin


Menu Fusion cooking
five element food and korean recipes

Guisun Jang zagreus galerie koch kunst catering

Spring – wood – sour / Summer – fire – bitter

– Stuffed chicken with lemon, orange, ginger, sorrel
– sauerkraut with apple, soma, ginger and honey
– yoghurt with horseradish and lemon

– bitter salads with wasabi
– roasted beef with pepper, soma, juniper, sage
– beetroot with gomasio, sesame and salt

Autumn– metal – spicy / Winter – water – salty

– Kimchi with Chinese cabbage
– Kimchi with radish
– rice with ginger, chili, garlic, coriander and basil

– seafood soup with algae
– marinated cucumber with ginger and algae
– soba noodles with miso, shiitake and fermented beans

Center – earth – sweet

– sweet rice cake with raisins, pistachios and pine nuts
– dried fruits with honey and sesame
– poached pears with vanilla