Installation with ceramic hats by Beatrice Jugert

17 / 08 / 23 to 15 / 10 / 23

Opening on Thursday 17 August at 7 pm
Hat Gig Live Concert and Jam 8 – 10 pm
The Toolbox Orchestra & Friends will play


The exhibition Talking Hats presents a series of ceramic sculptures in the form of different headgear. The hat itself is a simple bowl shape and seems to reflect a skullcap, a space for thought or an empty vessel.

In each case, the hat takes on a representative function for a social group, a profession or different religions. The question of status is negotiated: can one’s own identity and group membership be chosen? How does the I find itself in the We?

Individual pieces from the collection are references to iconic personalities, others inspired by works of art in which hats are depicted.



The hat protects and warms; it conceals and reveals.
It is eaten out of the hats.
Let the meal begin …