Paintings and Installation by Birgit Fechner
plus Texts by Christiane Radeke

13 / 06 / 24 to 18 / 08 / 24

Opening on Thursday, 13 June at 7 pm

The song “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane from 1967 is the starting point for the collection of ideas for the expansive installation with gestural, abstract paintings, text fragments and mixed-media collages made of paper, wood and porcelain. The song from the flower power era refers to drugs, but above all it is an homage to Alice in Wonderland. “Go Chasing Rabbits” is a line from the song. Little Alice runs after the white rabbit, she doesn’t really know why, but the desire to embark on a journey into the unknown is stronger than the fear of it. The title stands for a longing for life, colourfulness and beauty, associative, free and subjective.

The opening will feature an excerpt from the Kräftespiel menu.