ZAGREUS PROJEKT works at the interface of gallery and gastronomic institution. The cook and gallery owner Ulrich Krauss organizes exhibitions with the overriding theme of food in the broadest sense and a consistent modification of gastronomic concepts.

In a cycle of two months, artists are invited to create artistic installations and interventions for this space. From entering to leaving the room, the visitor/guest is to experience a specially designed run. The artistic and culinary concepts complement each other and are coordinated in such a way that a unity is created. In cooperation with the respective artists, various possibilities of food preparation, presentation and consumption are developed.

In the course of the last years different starting points in the artistic as well as everyday – social area were sounded out and in the Crossover of these ranges many possibilities of the theming of food were played through. From old recipes and traditional gastronomic methods to experimental demonstrations, the range of food presentation is always based on the high quality of the food.