Paintings by Fides Becker

06 / 05 / 22 to 07 / 07 / 22

The core of Fides Becker’s work is identity as the interaction between the self and outside influences. With the new series of works “Unvisible hand” in the exhibition “Handwork”, she takes up motifs from the earlier series “Perfect housekeeping”, which combines role clichés from photography, advertising, film and pornography and links the various household actions in the background from the figurative scenes with a new context of meaning: here they each appear independent and embody those reproductive activities that receive little socio-economic recognition, even though they – quasi invisibly – hold our society together.


We combine the pictures of Fides Becker with the menu “big clean-up” – the cleaning out of cooking styles in the cosmos of culinary traditions and trends, back to the inn and the original, regional cuisine.


We serve a selection from the following dishes in bowls and platters:

Potato salad with vinegar and oil
Cucumber salad with dill
Green salad with egg dressing
Maultaschen with stewed onions
Asparagus with dross
Flambéed kidneys in mustard sauce
Sour tripe with red wine and vinegar
Potato soup with leek
Beef broth with herb pancakes
Lentils with red wine and root vegetables
Stuffed veal breast
Beef roulade
Braised shoulder of lamb
Cabbage roll with savoy cabbage
Bavarian cabbage
Napkin dumplings
Mushroom vegetables
Ice cream