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Installation by Susanne Ring and Oliver Möst

28 / 02 / 17 bis 29 / 04 / 17

zeitmaschine zagreus galerie koch kunst catering

The installation is made of pottery and wall papers and refers to the film
“Time Machine” from 1960, that is based on the utopian novel by H.G. Wells who
wrote it in 1895.
It is a parabola around the question how to deal with resources and what brings the future.

zeitmaschine zagreus galerie koch kunst catering


mangold, spinach, arugula
wasabi, horseradish, lime
parsley, tarragon, walnut
beetroot, honey
broccoli, almond
carrot, lemon, saffron
grapes, olive oil, sea-salt
home made bread

Archaic fire

roasted meat on a spit
roasted kidneys on a spit
roasted liver on a spit
(vegetarian: roasted paprika and eggplant on a spit)

mashed potatoes
veal sweetbreads
(vegetarian: mushrooms)

Trippa alla Fiorentina
(vegetarian: Tagliatelle with red wine and tomato)

time loop

Zabaione mousse with Amaretti
chokolate, sweet chestnuts
orange, rose water


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