zagreus galerie koch kunst catering


light and shadow by Stephan Brenn

10 / 06 / 16 until 06 / 08 / 16

Using scraps and random objects found on the street and an analog overhead projector, Stefan Brenn turns his projections into a performance that transform the space into poetic images.

The room itself becomes a stage, with the images enveloping the guests as they dine on a menu conceived as a playful dialog between projection and food.

Menu structures_fields:

Seasonal salad, eggs, tomatoes, shallots, verjus
(served on a big carved wooden board)

Fish flambé, butter, smoked paprika oil
(served in a shell)

Potato, yellow beetroot, chicory, rape seed oil, fresh garlic
(served on a round platter)

Sepia noodle, octopus, dill, béchamel
(served on a oval silver platter)

Ricotta, Parmesan, sweet pepper, pumpkin seed oil, balsamic vinegar, honey
served on an oval ceramic platter)

Veal, wild cherry, red wine, port wine, beetroot
(deep plate)

Biscuit, Tonka bean, orange, saffron, cassis
(small plate)