BBC – Banana Bamboo Coconut

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BBC – Banana Bamboo Coconut

Installation by Roland Geissel

02 / 09 / 16 until 12 / 25 / 16

Asian, African and South American sacrificial offerings are made up of foods from these regions and cultures. Recipes stem from what is available around and from tradition, without being something that is rigid but that changes with time due to discoveries, inventions and exterior influences.
In our menu for PARADOX + ESSENZ , both aspects and tradition of asian and european food culture are disarranged, so that it is only recognisable by taste and not by appearance. A paradox, or even a schizophrenic stratagem, that relates the cultures and points to its similarities by way of food and eating culture.

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Offering Basket
Tomato- egg – almond- fruit

Luang Prabang Salad- Salad pyramid with mayonnaise, tomato, cucumber and egg.
Tum Som – Papaya salad and Kohlrabi with fresh green beans.
Larp Muh – Sautéed ground pork on a bed of herbs.
(Vegetarian option: sautéed tofu with vegetables)

Baked Forelle Müllerin with brown butter and capers.
Jeo Mak Len – Chutney from baked and smoked vegetables.
(Vegetarian option: Tum Som: Papaya salad with green beans

Pho – Pot au Feu – Gaisburger Marsch
with beef, herbs, mushrooms and spice sauce
(Vegetarian option: with vegetable broth)

BANANA (baked with honey) – BAMBOO (caramelised) – COCONUT (with vanilla)