Painting, objects, installation by Cihangir Gümüstürkmen

12 / 04 / 24 until 09 / 06 / 24

The works of the artist Cihangir Gümüştürkmen, who was born in Izmir in 1964 and has lived in Berlin since 1977, range from painting and
objects, photographic and video works and performances. The all-round artist and producer has worked in countless show productions
at home and abroad. He is the co-founder of the Salon Oriental Varieté (1996), the Gayhane Party (1998) and GLADT e.V. (2000).
Since 2019, the artist has focused exclusively on visual arts, with national and international exhibitions.

During his childhood in Izmir, Cihangir was fascinated by the Turkish films of the 1970s. The colourful film posters painted on large canvases
film posters painted on large canvases. In the Turkish Cinema series, he picks up on these memories, playing with the classic film
film pairs and film titles, reassembling them and projecting them onto canvas.

Works from the Headscarf and Persona series will also be shown at this exhibition.


To the Imambayildi exhibition we serve the menu

The imam faints

A menu with Turkish recipes according to Musa Dagdeviren.