Installation by Halina Hildebrand

15 / 06 / 23 until 13 / 08 / 23


The exhibition “Multiple Exposures” presents the impressive world of the forest and the dramatic interplay between humans and nature during the current climate crisis.

Halina Hildebrand focuses on the beauty and majesty of the forest, but also on the terrible effects of forest fires and the loss of biodiversity.

The photographer lives just a few kilometers away from forests that are repeatedly ravaged by fire during the current heat summers. As a result, for her the subject of the current development in relation to climate and flora is not an abstract question, but a reality felt very closely.

She uses her artistic forest photography to document the imposing nature of the forest, even in its destruction, and to raise awareness for its protection and restoration.

To accompany the exhibition MULTIPLE EXPOSURES we serve the menu FIRE / SMOKE / RENEWAL


Wild herb soup with hay cream, cress infusion, fir tip oil
and black croutons
2018 Chardonnay Lösskindel, Hubert Lay, Kaiserstuhl

On the big board

Homemade cream cheese with tree ash
Sepian noodle in elderberry sauce with
dead trumpets and onion jam with port wine

Pickled oak leaves
Pickled fir tips
2021 Harmonie Merlot Rosé, Bordeaux

Smoked beet and red onion in black miso sauce
with fermented garlic

Grilled leg of wild boar with juniper, black pepper and coal
Rosehip sauce with caramelized hazelnut
Charred spring onion
Vegetarian: Violet carrots in marsala sauce
2020 Domaine La Rouviole A Tempo Languedoc-Roussillon

Blackberry soup with maple ice cream and fir-tip powder