Plants of the Swabian Alb

Installation by Bruno Nagel

Bruno Nagel lives in Hohenstaufen in an empty bakery with garden, barn and orchard. In the meantime he has his studio with the surrounding landscape of the Swabian Alb. With the main focus on the Eastern Alb he moves over the rough pastures, collects wild herbs such as thyme, juniper and wild marjoram, draws water from spring pots and turns its fruit into musk and liquor. From this cosmos he brings ingredients for the Zagreus cuisine from his collection.

The summer beer garden now becomes an autumn/winter situation. With an open hut in the courtyard and a fire bowl we encounter Corona warmhearted. We serve the Menu FIRE & SMOKE to match the ambience, which consists of heating oven, furs, blankets and fresh hay scent.

Inside Bruno Nagel presents a panorama of text and object works.
The exhibition can be viewed in accordance with the Corona rules.

We serve the menu FIRE AND SMOKE:

Cider Veal Soup with root vegetables, cider, dried pears, apples, apple tree wood, hay from the lean meadow and horseradish

Smoked Trout with orange marinade, rosehip marrow, tarragon powder and caramelised walnuts

Beetroot with currant marinade and confit of fermented garlic and red onion

Back from Highland Cattle with juniper crust, oxtail sauce with elderberry juice, potato masher with paprika sausage from farmer Hartmut

Dark chocolate mousse with whipped pear sauce