with objects and a bee colony

Installation by Bärbel Rothhaar

23 / 05 / 21 until 15 / 08 / 21

Over several years Bärbel Rothhaar has been talking to beekeepers and bee researchers about their experiences with swarms. She has also modelled her portraits in beeswax and installed them in beehives. In the courtyard, a bee colony will continue to work on the wax portraits in a display case. The already finished collaborations of bees and artist can be seen indoors.


To accompany the exhibition we serve a menu with products of the bees and their therapeutic and culinary uses with honey, oxymel, mead and drone brood.

Fish essence with tomato, fennel and mead

Lettuce heart with mint-mint emulsion, lemon vinaigrette and pollen cream with yogurt

Sea bass confit in elderberry oxymel, pickled elderberry capers and sweet potato mousse with orange

Broad beans in barley miso and roasted chanterelles in parsley sauce

Stuffed guinea fowl breast with rosemary and roasted with juniper oxymel, red chard with rosehip oxymel and red wine butter

Crème brûlée with drone brood and strawberry shake with summer blossom
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