Unfinished work, unfinished menu of Markus Binner

20 / 10 / 23 until 26 / 11 / 23



Markus Binner makes unfinished works that others continue. He often develops them together with others. Often there is food.

The exhibition brings together unfinished works by Markus Binner. Whether the works are continued in a real, conversational, imaginary or cooperative way is specific to each work. As is the choice of media: street parties, books, exhibitions, videos, buffets, parties, food, cooking, recipes.

Although Markus Binner has been working with this approach of unfinished/continued for a long time, the exhibition “und gibs hin” (to be found as the last set of recipes in old cookbooks) is the first explicitly about this. So it’s not about incompletely painted pictures or unhewn spots on stones, but about continuability. It is intended that the continuity of art in general becomes a theme.

An unfinished menu is served, accompanied and interrupted by intertitles. Using the example of the grand master and defender of the unfinished, Michelangelo Buonarotti – almost 2/3 of his sculptures are unfinished – we eat our way through some good reasons for not finishing.




To accompany the exhibition UND GIBS HIN we serve the following


“Und gibs hin” is often found in old cookbooks as the last sentence of recipes. The exhibition brings together unfinished works by Markus Binner. Unfinished in the sense that they can be continued. An unfinished menu of supper and fondue will be served.

Supper, ingredients to make yourself:

Crusty bread
Trout cream with crème fraîche
Pesto with basil and pine nuts
Duck liver mousse with apple, marjoram and cognac
Sheep’s cheese with dried tomatoes
Duck rillette with thyme
Radicchio cream with ricotta
Lemon butter
Plum roast
Cranberries with orange
Rouille with piment d’Espelettes
Sour gherkins

2. fondue, ingredients to cook yourself:

Vegetable stock

Swiss chard
Savoy cabbage
Chinese cabbage
Duck liver
Veal kidneys
Veal fillet
Semolina dumplings according to Mama
Pancakes with leek
Cauliflower florets

3. desert

Chocolate and fruit