Installation by Sabine Hilscher

21 / 04 / 23 until 11 / 06 / 23

In her work, Sabine Hilscher deals in different ways with network structures and connections with what is hidden beneath the surface and which, on closer inspection, sometimes produces something surprising. With the large-format paper cuts created with shellac ink and paste, frozen papers and wind, she combines randomly created structures with observation of nature and the translation of naturally grown phenomena.

Instagram @sabine_hilscher


To accompany the exhibition wurzelwerk we serve the menu Alles was unten wächst

Subterranean Soup
Manioc, yams, sweet potato cream and truffle oil

Appetizer Plate Braid
Pickled and marinated asparagus with lime and rapeseed oil
Tagliatelle with dried herbs
Crépe strips with parsley
Pickled mushrooms
Pickled dandelion with balsamic vinegar
Beurre Blanc mit hellem Miso
Parsley oil

Roots and meat

Caramelised carrot, parsnip, salsify and parsley root in root stock and honey, oxtail in porcini mushroom sauce and Marsala
Vegetarian: Beetroot with balsamic vinegar, honey and redcurrant

Marinated strawberries with lime, lemon granité, hay cream and chocolate