by Guisun Jang

03 / 02 / 24 bis 07 / 04 / 24

Serenity and time are important elements for me when painting.
The moments of joy, for example when looking at a ray of sunshine,
of clouds or buds, which gradually express themselves in new colours.


Accompanied by the menu Fermentation and time.

Kimchi soup

Sweet potato, smoky fish sauce, shiitake mushrooms, Iberico with light miso
Vegetarian: smoked tofu instead of Iberico
2018 Malvasia Dva Duby 16 mon. medium oak barrels, Czech Republic

Dot and spot

Lacto-fermented red cabbage, mussels in beetroot miso,
fermented porcini mushrooms and tomatoes, radish kimchi
Vegetarian: beetroot instead of mussels
2016 Domaine Arsac Argente, Chradonnay, Ardèche


Barrel sauerkraut with apple cider and fermented butter,
Mashed potatoes with fermented whey,
fried sea bass with shiro miso and sesame seeds
smoked paprika oil
Vegetarian: baked celeriac instead of sea bass
2012 Kioupi Amphore Pinot Noir, Alexander Heer, Rheingau

Lacto honey

Ice cream with lacto honey, mango and chilli,
miso cream, whipped apricot sauce and pickled pine nuts